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Webinar Q&A with Chris Sherman, security analyst at Forrester

In this article, we ask Forrester’s Chris Sherman four burning questions on today’s key security trends.

The biggest threat facing finance

In 2014 there were five reported cyber attacks on financial institutions. By the end of September 2016 there had been 75.

From the SWIFT hack to the …

Challenges of enterprise Mac management

Macs are an increasingly popular choice in many organizations, and the number of cyber threats targeted at OS X are on the up too. So, it’s a great ti…

Endpoint vs network security - where to start?

With 327 new threats every minute, and more than five every second, we’ve put the focus on network and endpoint approaches, comparing the pros a…

Defendpoint: Real-world healthcare breach analysis

Hospitals across the globe have been thrown into a state of high alert following a series of high profile ransomware outbreaks. Unlike the human viral…

Managing Privileges: PIM vs PM

Removing excess administrator privileges is widely considered to be an immediate way for organizations to improve security and make compliance with th…

Least is the new less privilege

In this article, Microsoft security guru Russell Smith looks at the limitations of Windows User Account Control, why Microsoft recommends the use of s…

10 Steps to Cyber Security

The Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the information security arm of the UK GCHQ has issued a guide for UK businesses covering 10 cri…

5 Good Reasons to Remove Admin Rights from your Sysadmins

The world of desktop security has experienced a revolution. Respected consultants such as Gartner have become increasingly vocal in their firm recomme…

Overcoming Web Threats with Sandboxing

In today's digitalized workplace, employees expect and often demand full access to online content in order to do their jobs effectively. With the risi…

Guide to the Recommendations of the Australian DoD

The Australian Government's Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) also known as the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) maintains a highly regarded strat…

SANS Top 20 Critical Controls

This short guide looks at the “First Five Quick Wins” identified by SANS for overcoming the latest advanced targeted threats and how to best implement…

The One Big Thing to Mitigate Cyber Attack

Advances in IT security are continuing to cause headaches for today's cyber criminals, yet as a new breed of increasingly savvy hackers emerge, exposu…

How to Simply Achieve HIPAA Compliance

With the Final Rule under the HITECH Act increasing the maximum penalty for HIPAA non-compliance to $1.5 million as well as accelerating publicity aro…

Windows Server 2003 expiration brings defense in depth to life

Microsoft's support programme for Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) ends on 14 July 2015. After that date, if a new security vulnerability is discovered, t…

5 ways to optimize your endpoint protection strategy with Avecto & McAfee

Gone are the days where desktop security was limited to just antivirus software.  Faced with combatting today’s advanced threats – including targeted,…

7 ways to crack Windows 7

In this informative bite size article, Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho examines and explains seven different vulnerabilities in Windows 7 demonstrating why t…

Don’t give in to user privilege demands in Windows 7

In this article, Windows security expert, Russell Smith discusses migration to Windows 7/8 and the various challenges of implementing a least privileg…

How to Simply Achieve PSN Compliance

The UK government Public Services Network (PSN) Code of Practice is a set of requirements aimed at government departments.

In this paper we take a cl…

How to Simply Achieve Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) was passed into US law in 2002 and requires public companies to verify the accuracy of their financial information. Specifically,…

How to successfully balance IT security and user privacy rights

In this paper we've put the focus on activity logging, helping you get the right balance between user privacy rights and IT security. Defendpoint offe…

How to simply achieve ISO/IEC 27001 compliance

ISO/IEC 27001 is an information security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrot…

5 ways to optimize your endpoint protection strategy with Avecto & Intel Security

Antivirus software alone is no longer enough. To deal with today's advanced threats – including ransomware, zero-day attacks, phishing and drive…


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State of Mac Security 2016: Enterprise Mac management

Apple is taking bigger bites out of Windows' market share as the OS X ecosystem becomes an increasingly popular business choice. More Macs are showing…

Why a proactive approach to cyber security pays dividends

There's plenty of evidence out there to suggest that in isolation a reactive approach to security is likely to end in failure.

Instead, the best and …

2015 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

For the third consecutive year, Avecto has analyzed the findings of the known vulnerabilities published by Microsoft. The report compares the annual t…

eBook Chapter 2: The Hidden Flaws in Windows

In the second chapter of our C-level guide to defense in depth, ethical hacker and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho examines the Windows platform and explores…

eBook Chapter 1: Your Relationship with Risk

In this first chapter of our C-level guide to defense in depth, Windows security expert Russell Smith takes a closer look at the relationship we have …

Cyber Threats Report 2015

With McAfee now reporting 387 new threats being discovered every minute, the digital security battle continues to rage on. In the rapidly evolving wor…

2014 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

Now in its second year, the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report analyses data from Patch Tuesday Security Bulletins issued by Microsoft throughout 2014.

2013 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

Microsoft bulletins are issued on the second Tuesday of each month, a date known commonly as "Patch Tuesday", and contain fixes for Microsoft critical…

Building the Business Case for Proactive Security

This paper takes a closer look at the commercial impact of IT security and how to build a compelling business case for a proactive approach that ensur…

Know your threats: Ransomware uncovered

Ransomware is the most profitable malware in history but, by taking a proactive approach, you can stop it in its tracks and prevent your business bein…

Know your threats: Social engineering

Social engineering attacks are becoming more common and sophisticated. Figures show the number of phishing sites and associated email traffic increase…


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Defendpoint product brochure
Defendpoint is Avecto's award-winning endpoint security software that stops cyber attacks without compromising the user experience.
Defendpoint datasheet
Read our Defendpoint datasheet to find out how it proactively stops cyber attacks at the endpoint by combining privilege management, application control and content isolation, and discover some of its technical benefits.
Defendpoint for Mac
With Defendpoint for Mac, users are able to run admin tasks and privileged applications without the need for an admin account.
Defendpoint ePO Edition Datasheet
Read this datasheet to find out more about the benefits of choosing Defendpoint ePO edition, including how it offers single console visibility to protect against zero day and targeted attacks.
Enterprise Reporting datasheet
Defendpoint’s advanced reporting module offers real-time insight to enhance your solution, at no extra cost.
McAfee + Avecto solutions brief
Discover how Defendpoint integrates with McAfee ePO to provide security strength and depth, offering robust protection against advance threats on the endpoint.
Avecto & SANS Critical Security Controls
iC3 datasheet
Find out more about our Intelligent Communication, Coordination and Control (iC3) cloud-based platform for Defendpoint with our datasheet.
Defendpoint deployment and management options
Download this datasheet for an overview of what each of our three management platforms - Group Policy edition, ePO edition and iC3 edition - offer and how they can benefit your enterprise.


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Building secure endpoints with Windows 10 and Defendpoint

Introduction to Windows 10

Windows 10 heralds a new era in computing as Microsoft promise to renew focus on the enterprise and unify the Windows expe…

Complying with the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership

The growing risk of threats from malicious actors, such as foreign intelligence services and terrorists, has led to the Ministry of Defence improving …

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

As greater emphasis is placed on complying with industry and government regulations, securing data as it passes through personal computer systems is c…

UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme

Businesses are at greater risk than ever before from cyber-attacks, but a lack of resources, expertise and awareness has left SMEs vulnerable.


EU GDPR guide to protecting PII

Avecto looks at the role that privilege management, application control and sandboxing solutions play in complying with the EU General Data Protection…

CPNI Critical Security Controls for effective cyber defense

Organizations can no longer afford to rely solely on reactive security technologies, such as antivirus and endpoint firewalls.

In this whitepaper we …

Guide to meeting requirements of MAS

In this whitepaper we take a closer look at the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Technology Risk Management document and how you can comply with it.

Guide to meeting requirements of USGCB

The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) is a mandate for Windows and Redhat Linux PCs and differs from most industry regulations i…

Guide to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework was created on a White House directive in 2013.

This voluntary code…

Guide to meeting the requirements of PCI DSS 3.2

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a compliance mandate with implications for organizations that handle credit card data.


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Duration 58 minutes
The psychology of security: Stop social engineering attacks

In this on-demand webinar, security consultant and psychology expert Dr Jessica Barker examines why employees are very often the weakest link in the s…

Duration 60 minutes
Know your threats: Ransomware Uncovered

With the next wave of ransomware likely to be even more pervasive and resilient, it's more important than ever to take a proactive approach to cyber s…

Duration 56 minutes
Motivations of a Mac hacker

It's only a matter of time before Macs become susceptible to the same attacks as Windows, with hackers giving an increasing focus to the platform. In …

Duration 64 minutes
A hacker's guide to ransomware

Join world-renowned independent security expert Paula Januszkiewicz for a hacker's guide to ransomware. In this on-webinar you'll learn about code exe…

Duration 56 minutes
Containing the outbreak: The healthcare security pandemic

In this lively webinar Avecto Senior Security Engineer James Maude offers advice to help you avoid becoming a victim of ransomware attack.

He shares …

Duration 65 minutes
The hacker’s perspective: The hunt for admin rights

Microsoft MVP and ethical hacker Sami Laiho is a renowned speaker with a passion for Windows security.

Sharing the motivations of a hacker, Sami expo…

Duration 65 minutes
Know your enemy; choose your weapons wisely

This year, cyber attacks will once again become more stealthy and more pervasive. For most organizations, cyber perils now loom as a source of imminen…

Duration 53 minutes
How does proactive security pay?

Join security journalist and blogger Dan Raywood on this live webinar to find out what happens when security goes wrong and how to avoid falling into …

Duration 58 minutes
Why are Macs a hacker's dream?

As Macs become an increasingly popular choice for organizations, is the business community taking the risks they pose seriously? Mac security expert, …

Duration 37 minutes
Whitelisting: Is it a silver bullet?

Following the recommendation from the Australian DoD that application whitelisting is the number one strategy for cyber threat mitigation, Avecto VP, …

Duration 30 minutes
Admins Under Attack - Why Least is the New Less

With attackers now seeking out local administrators to gain access to the operating system, even a small number of admin accounts can open the door to…

Duration 55 minutes
Hear from a Hacker: The Hidden Flaws in Windows

Join Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho as he demonstrates how today's hackers can take advantage of the flaws in Windows technologies to breach your organizati…

Duration 35 minutes
Defending against advanced targeted threats with the SANS Critical Controls

As advanced targeted threats continue to grow in number and sophistication, is your organization prioritizing security initiatives that will stand up …

Duration 8 minutes
Balancing security and user freedom

Does your IT security strategy work for your business or against it?

Filmed at The Daily Telegraph offices in London, Andrew Avanessian, EVP of Consu…

Duration 60 minutes
Security Secrets - Does Windows 10 Change the Game?

You are investigating Windows 10 (or 8.1) in the hope of achieving nirvana with both improved security and user experience. The ability to improve sec…


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The cyber threat to the financial sector

Discover the facts surrounding the cyber threat to the financial sector with our infographic.

Why proactive security pays

With new cyber threats emerging every minute of the day, network-based security solutions alone are unlikely to give your organization the protection …

A unique approach to application whitelisting

New cyber threats are emerging every minute and whitelisting is a defense strategy proven to reduce the risks of becoming the latest victim.

But, tra…

2016 security predictions

What lessons can we learn from 2015 when it comes to IT security? And what's in store for 2016?

We share views from nearly 250 infosec professionals …

Mac security myths

While OS X was once more secure than Windows, advancements in security have seen Microsoft eclipse Apple, with Macs now presenting a soft target for h…

Security Snapshot: 2015's Threats

There are 387 new threats discovered every minute according to latest figures from McAfee. With 60% of CEOs worried that cyber threats will impact gro…

Admin Privileges - A Hidden Threat

Creating a safer business environment needn't be a complicated process. 96% of Microsoft OS vulnerabilities can be mitigated by removing admin rights …

25 Years of Internet and Cyber Security Developments

With 600 million websites now in existence and 200,000 new threats appearing every minute according to McAfee, security professionals are under ever m…

Avecto in numbers

With offices in Manchester (UK), Boston (US) and Frankfurt (GER), Avecto is a truly global IT security specialist with customers far and wide - coveri…

The digital office worker

Online browsing and the ability to have full access to online content is the cornerstone of any modern business. Social media is now recognized as the…

Overcoming cyber attacks at the endpoint

Over 200,000 cyber threats now appear on a daily basis, that's 3 a second, businesses therefore are forced to look much closer at how prepared they ar…

Avecto support services

Avecto protects over 4 million endpoints in organizations all over the world. Our consultative approach delivers technical solutions to commercial cha…

Snapshot of Mac Security 2015

Apple's foothold on the enterprise market is currently estimated to be worth around $25 billion annually according to CEO, Tim Cook - a figure which i…

Defendpoint in numbers

Our award winning Defendpoint technology protects more than six million endpoints and can be found on 2.2 million desktops in Fortune 500 companies.

The time is now - Migrating from XP to Windows 7/8

In a recent poll, it was estimated that some 250 million people are still actively using Windows XP, with a significant proportion of these in an ente…

We secure over 8 million endpoints globally across...

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